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My atheist jail mate started reading the Bible.

"I thought he was crazy at first. I really thought he was crazy."


The first two days in jail I was in a cell with an atheist, a white guy from Finland. I woke up in the middle of the night on the floor. He himself was sitting directly in front of me with a notepad and pen in his hand. He told me that I asked him, I handed him the pad and the pen and told him to write down everything that I said. When I looked at the pad there was a song that I actually have recorded and a scripture on it. The scripture was the story of the prodigal son. I read it and I thought it was so close to my life. I didn’t understand where it came from or why it came to me. The following day the same thing happened. Three days in a row the exact same thing happened. But it was three different stories and they were all stories where I just looked at them like “wow”. That happened for three days in a row, constantly. But mind you, he was a complete atheist. He didn’t believe in God. He felt like science is the reason why everything happens.

I started watching him every day after that and he would pick up the bible every morning and every night. He would get on his knees and he would pray and ask God for forgiveness thanking God. I asked him one day. I was like “What are you doing?” He was like “I don’t know what I’m doing but I do know that for the last couple of days there’s been a voice talking to me every night through you and me writing down everything that you say. He said; “I know it wasn’t you because you don’t remember any of it. So I know it has to be God.”

I thought he was crazy at first. I really thought he was crazy. He came to know the Lord. He was actually holding a bible study a lot of the times before I left. I got switched to another dorm and I would see him sitting at tables with black guys, white guys, Mexicans all at one table and he was ministering to them by telling his stories. I do believe that he went back home to Finland and is continuing to let the Lord use him.

Orlandes - My atheist jail mate started reading the Bible.

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