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No one in the youth group would talk to me.

Even in your most lonely moments God is there.


Honestly, I never liked any of the Christian stuff because any youth group I’ve ever been in, they’ve always alienated me. The first time I went to a group I was kind of a shy character. I was new there and they had been there all their life. Nobody really talked to me.

I went on a youth trip with my aunt and uncle. I didn’t want to go on it. We were really building houses to help other people that couldn’t help themselves; like older people or people that are disabled. They were asking things like, “Has there ever been a time when you needed a miracle and God helped you?” I remembered a time when we were almost homeless. There were a lot of issues going on with our lives. It was a bad time and I guess you could say that’s how God broke me. Being that miracle for someone else like I was that day it really changed me. He is there to help you. He is there to guide you on your path. It’s your choice through this process that’s broken you. Do you want to let Him in? I just said, “Yes. That is what I want to do.”

Even in your most lonely moments, God is always there. That’s sort of given me confidence saying like, “Hey, you’re not compatible with this group. Well, fine, because God is always going to be there and He’s going to guide you to the people that you will end up being comfortable with. It’s the confidence that says, “Hey, back off that kid” to those people now. I don’t care if I have only one friend. I’d rather have one friend and know that I did something right than have a whole bunch of acquaintances backing me up being mean to other people. It’s really given me the confidence to be better in that way.

Chantz - No one in the youth group would talk to me.

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