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Healed from the secret life that started at age 13 .

"I would take off and stay gone for days."


I was twelve or thirteen years old and a modeling agency had called and wanted me to do some of those little flyers that they send out with clothes. I was told that I wasn’t pretty enough and that I couldn’t do it. When I gained weight it was “you’re fat, you’re ugly, who wants you?” And when I was thirteen years old my Dad’s friend raped me. And a couple of my Mom’s Sister's husband tried things with me. When I told about them trying to mess with me, I got in trouble. Nothing ever became of it. So, when my Dad’s friend raped me, I didn’t tell anybody. Why? They were not going to do anything anyway. So, a few years after my son was born, the one that raped me got killed. My Mom called to tell me and I said; (this is bad for me to say). “I hope they bury him face down so he can’t dig his way out.” She said; “Jennifer why would you say that?” And I told her. She said; “Well why didn’t you tell me this then?” I said; “You didn’t do anything before.” I’d say from thirteen years old, I basically felt like I couldn’t always go to them. I’m not saying that I didn’t have good parents. They were good to me. But I would take off and stay gone for days. Fighting, I got kicked out of school for fighting.

Well, most throughout my life I have been in and out of drugs. I looked for a love relationship with men. I ended up doing some things and got some felonies on me and going to jail. I tried to get in church. But just wasn’t the right time I guess. My life just keeps on spiraling downhill, downhill, couldn’t get a job. Been married and divorced four times.

My Sister and my Brother-in-law was the pastor at my church The Lighthouse in Charleston Tennessee. They just kept praying for me and kept inviting me to church. So I started going to church in 2005. My Brother had a real bad car wreck and we were real close. He was paralyzed so I took care of him a lot. Well, he ended up overdosing in 2010. We buried him on August 24th the day after my birthday.

I overdosed and they flew me out on the 27th of August. I’m laying down there at Erlanger Hospital and it’s just like Jesus just wretched down and touched me and said; “You’re mine.” From then on it’s just been wonderful. I started back in church. My grandkids are ten and eleven years old now.

When He takes you He does it perfect every time. So, you’ll never be that addict again. Will you fall? Maybe, but just trust in the Lord because He won’t leave you. He’ll be there.

Jennifer - Healed from the secret life that started at age 13 .

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