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Thought partying would make me happy.

"I had an ankle bracelet put on and I couldn’t drink. That year was the greatest year of my life"


You know, go down the wrong road. What we started doing was skateboarding and got introduced to marijuana. Started doing that and then partying, want to do this, want to rebel, skipping class. One thing led to another and just ended up getting caught by the police and going to jail repeatedly. I had letdowns at work and let downs at school. I had lost my girlfriend, who is my wife at the time, she left me. I was just at the house alone and was just really with my friends all of the time trying to fill a void that couldn’t be filled. I thought to party and having fun would cover up that need for basically love and happiness, but I couldn’t find it.

At about the age of twenty-three, I remember seriously praying for help to kind of break me of that lifestyle. I prayed for anything, whether it be for me to go to jail for a long period of time or to have something happen where it would make me stop being able to be around the same people and doing the same things. Oddly enough, a couple of months later after that, those prayers kept coming. He answered my prayer, and I wasn’t able to drink for a year. I had an ankle bracelet put on, and I couldn’t drink, so that was for a year. That year was the greatest year of my life, and then after, it’s been great.

When I got it off, I thought I would want to go back to that life, right, just like I did every time. I thought I would want to go back to it because growing up we would go to these AA meetings, and they would tell you once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, and you’ve got to accept that. So I had that in my mind the whole time that I’m always an alcoholic. After that year of being sober and having that sobriety for a whole year, He took that desire out of me, and I no longer had the desire to drink or to do drugs or anything at all. It was amazing. I can’t explain it. It’s still not there. I do a Bible study now, and I go to church almost every Sunday. It’s just been an amazing journey since I have officially given my life to Christ and been baptized. I got my life back together and made amends with my family. I’m married and have a five-month-old baby. So I’m healed, man. There’s no other way for it. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Marc - Thought partying would make me happy.

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