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80 miles, 80 pushups on my 80th.

"I always will push for the gold. I mean, that’s just my nature."


I’m eighty years old. I am expecting myself to be able to win the triathlon in this new age group. I always will push for the gold. I mean, that’s just my nature. 

I’ve always liked speed. I was a big water skier. My family would go up to the different lakes in California. In my fourth year of speed skiing, I won the Nationals. Senior Olympics allowed me to do track and field. I did the high jump, shot put, triple jump, and broad jump. I won the gold in the Triathlon. I have won some swimming events. I got two first, second, third, and fourth places in the Nationals. They changed the rules in Master Boxing. The oldest boxers I saw were in their seventies. I fought in my seventies as well just hoping I could do decently. I ended up winning ten years in a row, ten world titles. When I went to college and for many years thereafter really, up into my thirties the statement “if it’s going to be it’s up to me” was clearly what I believed totally. So, if it was going to be it’s up to me. It’s a very frustrating way to live life but to me, it was the only thing that made sense. So, I lived that life for many, many years. No matter how hard I trained I always knew I could do a little more or if I missed a day I felt depressed because I didn’t get a workout in that day. If it was going to happen it was up to me. Having come to the Lord, He’s totally in control. It’s a whole different impact emotionally on how you approach life. 

I had this sense to make up some events with 8’s in them, put that together, and try to use that day, my eightieth birthday to promote the truth. I just came up with the 80k bike which is almost 50 miles, then the swim 800 which is half a mile, then the run which is 8k, then 800 situps, 80 push-ups, and eight rounds of sparring. It was over thirteen hours that day. It was a long day. 

Promote the gospel. That’s my passion. That’s my desire. If I can be a vehicle to promote that, that’s the biggest honor I could possibly have in this life. 

John D. - 80 miles, 80 pushups on my 80th.

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