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The doctor said I will be an albino.

"I was told by a doctor that I was going to lose my coloring and that I probably wouldn’t be able to go outside."


I was outside one morning, mowing the grass or whatever it was, at that time I ended up getting sunburned. This little white spot came up on my head. It was about the size of a thumb. That’s when I addressed it and took myself to the doctor. I was told by a doctor that I was going to lose my coloring and that I probably wouldn’t be able to go outside. He was showing me a book of pictures of what I was going to look like. I was going to be more like an albino, white. Albino people get burned real easy if they get in the sun. I was stunned after I was told that. After I talked to him for a few minutes I told him; “I’m not going to look like this.” He was showing me the pictures and I said; “No, I won’t look like this.” He said; “Well, there’s no cure for this. So me and my wife all of a sudden got the news and I ended up going to different doctors and different doctors told me the same thing that this doctor told me, that there is no cure. We ended up praying about it. We started fasting and praying. I started rubbing this cream on my face and my body. Then one dot came in, a little color came back. I told my wife about it. I said; “Look, at this one dot. So, after I ended up getting this one dot, the next thing I knew, it covered back up. My color ended up coming back shortly. I didn’t get all of my color back, but it’s been fifteen years now and I haven’t lost any more. So, I wanted to tell people that God does heal.

That one doctor that told me that I was going to look like this, I wanted to show him how my color didn’t leave. One afternoon I drove up there to see him, to show him because I was urged. I wanted him to see what God did. When I pulled up in there, there was an ambulance there. I asked him what happened to him and may I come talk to the doctor. He raised his head up out of the bed. They had him in the bed where they were about to take him to the hospital. I looked at him and said; “Doctor I just came here to talk to you and to tell you what God has done. This is a guy who didn’t really believe in God. I mean, he believe in God but he didn’t really understand the miracle parts in this. Right then and there I asked him if I could pray for him before he left out of there. So I ended up praying for him. He was happy that I prayed for him. He knew that I have a living God because he was having heart trouble at that time, so. Like I said, I love God though. And I love what He did for me. That’s why I am here. I like to let people know that God is still a healer to this day.

Ricky - The doctor said I will be an albino.

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