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Believed in the Big Bang until my heart changed my mind.

"The science classes that I took taught me that there was no God."


The science classes that I took taught me that there was no God. That life started with the Big Bang Explosion. I went through most of my life just putting all of my confidence in myself. Then one day my dad died and it shook me to my inner core.

I liked science classes and excelled in science classes. So I took as many as I could. I graduated college with a degree in chemistry and anthropology then went on to obtain a doctorate in pharmacy. I was taught that the Big Bang theory was that an asteroid hit the world. On that asteroid were single-cell organisms that brought life to this world. When that asteroid hit those organisms started multiplying. After billions of years, those organisms turned into multi-cellular organisms. They turned into animals. They turned into amphibians, then monkeys, then finally the top of the food chain, humans.

I thought that all Christians were conformists and that they were just following the Bible because it taught them good morals. I felt like I had good morals myself so I didn’t really need anybody to teach me good morals.

I have got several friends now that I used to make fun of for being a Christian and going to church every Sunday.

I guess my logic was based on that I had confidence in myself. So, as long as I had the confidence in myself I felt like I could do anything. I didn’t feel like anything would be a problem in my life. But then when my father passed it shook me so hard and I didn’t realize it was going to. I mean we knew he was sick for a year. I didn’t realize that it was going to shake me that bad to where I wasn’t really using logic anymore. I was just following my heart. I remember sitting up in bed when he was passing, praying to God. So my logic kind of went out of the way.

I realized how important our personal relationships are. Me and my father had a great relationship growing up. I think I learned that I can’t control everything and that’s not what’s really important. What’s important is our relationships with others.

I have been a Jesus follower for six years. I am able to witness to other pharmacists that aren’t believers. I’m able to witness to patients that aren’t believers. I am able to pray with patients. I believe that God created everything. I think there was a dark space and God created it all.

Thomas B. - Believed in the Big Bang until my heart changed my mind.

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