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No food for days until we heard the music.

"God just kind of told me; “Carlos, this is what I want you to do."


[Singing] Lay it on the altar. Lay it on the altar. Lay it on the altar and let Him take it away.

So many girls my age, myself included, we are looking for; “When am I going to get married? When am I going to have children? When am I going to settle down?” God just kind of challenged me to not look for those things because they would come. He told me; “I’m going to send you your husband. I want you to prepare yourself.

We went to the same church. She was a singer, a very talented singer. I did music. Of course, I was attracted to her. She was beautiful, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen but what really attracted me to her was her spirit.

One of our major obstacles that we had was that he had sickle cell disease. I had two cousins that had it when I was younger. They were twins and they both passed away when they were twelve or thirteen.

There were certain situations during that first year of marriage where I was sick a lot and going to the hospital. We have fasted from food. Anyone who has fasted knows that it’s a faith walk. We have only done it for a week. That’s the longest that we have gone. It’s not like Moses forty days because we start needing the things that your flesh cries out for and that can get hard. That’s why God says that fasting and praying. This sickle cell is something that we have really been able to even overcome now where I’m not sick as much as I was. That took much prayer, fasting and praying. We were able to overcome a lot of those things.

[Singing] Lay it on the altar and let Him take it away.

At just a young age even knowing that I have dealt with sickle cell, music has always been an outlet. I saw that I had a gift for that at maybe five or six when I started playing the drums. I got pretty good at that. So, I kept on doing that and that turned into a thing where I was playing at church every Sunday at my grandfather’s church. That developed into the piano which was at sixteen and then having a desire to become a music producer.

We knew very early on that God would have us doing ministry together. We didn’t know how. We really didn’t even know where to start.

The music just didn’t take off as fast as we would have liked it to.

I went back to school and started looking into secular work and what I was going to do.

God just kind of told me; “Carlos, this is what I want you to do. We had a lack of resources. We didn’t have everything in place but God was just telling me; “This is what I want you to do. Watch me open doors for you.”

Carlos came to me and he said; “I think that we need to start this backup. I think that we need to get back started on our music and we need to go for an entire album.

The album is a reflection and definitely the fruit of everything that you go through, pain that may be a result of sickle cell or just pain from whatever trial or obstacle that you have to deal with.

God has called us to do it and we are very passionate about getting the message out about Jesus Christ. For those that are hurting, that do feel hopeless, those that are frustrated knowing that your hope doesn’t lie in yourself. It does lie in Jesus Christ.

Carlous and Janelle - No food for days until we heard the music.

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