Find Hope

Reaching a child makes an impact.

Michelle N

I would always come home from church and tell my dad what I learned there. I wanted him to be saved and to know the assurance that he was saved.

Held at gunpoint by a killer.

Steve and Melinda

"In the most calm voice Melinda said, “Jesus.” She wasn't even looking at us but out toward the station."

I embraced her after she killed my son.


I started my speech to parole board by stating, ‘I’m guilty of murder too, and the father of the person I killed forgave me and welcomed me into his family. So, who am I to not extend that same forgiveness to her? That person...

Picked up by a stranger. Forever changed.


My friend, cliff, and I we’re trying to get from Dallas to Norman, Oklahoma. We were hippies, and looked very much like hippies. A young teenage boy stopped, in a Volkswagen Van, of course. It was 1970, and picked us up. He w...

Introducing ComeOnLetsGo

Introducing ComeOnLetsGo

Will anyone love this hungry orphan?


They were told I was really small, that I had a heart condition, and that my growth had been so impaired I looked like a two year old. There answer was, “We think God wants us to take him.”

Volcano erupted as we prayed by the crater.


These rocks that fell on us, some of the rocks were about the size of my fist. Some of the rocks were the size of a bowling ball. They began to pelt us. ...

What if God knows more than the doctors?

Tim Timmons

Twelve years ago, I was given five years to live. They said; “Tim, you have an incurable cancer and we will see you on Monday.” That was the most sobering time of my life.