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Because I said a prayer I thought I was saved.


"I got saved when I was twelve years old. Up until that point, I was living a lie."

My adultery with a pastor led me to God.

Amy C.

Like the Bible story of David and Bathsheba, Amy found herself in a terrible sin that, strangely, led to her redemption and a relationship with Jesus.

The music kept me from suicide.


"I catch myself staring down at my hands because I feel like that I’m watching myself play to the true audience, which is God."

Face to face with the Vietnamese officer who killed my friends.


"Vietnam was the one place in the world that I never ever wanted to go back to."

Joined the Black Panthers so I could kill some white people.


"My uncle said; Kill some white men before they kill us."

Nine years divorced, both remarried, but then we talked about getting back together.


On the way to jail, God asked; "Are you willing to serve me?"

I Thought I was Religious but found a relationship with Christ through my brother.


"He came back so transformed I didn’t even recognize him."

It took being alone to realize I wasn't.


"I was quickly reminded of Christ and that is what life is about."

Cry for the Broken


"It was a long progression into the hell on earth that I had created for myself. The road trip back was nothing."

Rebelled against God and did what I wanted


"I realized that even when I am faithless he is still faithful."

1 to 10 of 343 results.