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It took being alone to realize I wasn't.


"I was quickly reminded of Christ and that is what life is about."

Cry for the Broken


"It was a long progression into the hell on earth that I had created for myself. The road trip back was nothing."

Rebelled against God and did what I wanted


"I realized that even when I am faithless he is still faithful."

Jewish Israeli Psychologist finds Jesus

Dr. Erez Soref

"We refer to this phenomenon as Jesus being the best-kept secret among the Jewish people."

Chased a girl into a strange spiritual situation.


When I got up after he prayed for me it was like I had gotten a shower on the inside and I was now clean.

Inner healing years after waking up next to my "sleeping" grandmother.


I realized it was me. I was the one that had the problem. That was the first step in getting the help that I needed.

She thought she was an orphan but God showed her the truth.


"I don’t have to worry and feel like the outcast, that I don’t have a father. "

God is now my drug of choice.


"I needed methadone and drugs to function, get out the door and just deal with life. Now, the first thing is, God is my drug."

Stayed gone until grace brought her home.


"It’s those little things right there that show me that true restoration has taken place."

I got my life back after being diagnosed with M.S.


"During the tests I felt a sense of comfort that I had never felt; like everything was going to be okay."

1 to 10 of 336 results.