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Some go to counseling. I jump over cars.

Jeff Clay

"Dad wasn't there for us emotionally."

I led a group of college students in and out of a yoga commune.

Mike S.

"It was this inborn knowledge that I had that I had finally connected with the truth."

How my dark secrets were revealed on the highest rated TV shows.


"I have been on Good Morning America, 20/20, ABC, Doctor Phil, Doctor OZ."

Dignity Restored after the Pain of Abortion


"It’s made a difference in me because it’s helped me to understand how deep the mercy of God can go."

Lead Guitarist for Pop Evil

Anthony Greve

"I made a decision that night that I was leaving the band."

Once ran in place of God, now I "Run For God."


"I was spending more time running than I was spending with my wife and my kids."

Because I said a prayer I thought I was saved.


"I got saved when I was twelve years old. Up until that point, I was living a lie."

My adultery with a pastor led me to God.

Amy C.

Like the Bible story of David and Bathsheba, Amy found herself in a terrible sin that, strangely, led to her redemption and a relationship with Jesus.

The music kept me from suicide.


"I catch myself staring down at my hands because I feel like that I’m watching myself play to the true audience, which is God."

Face to face with the Vietnamese officer who killed my friends.


"Vietnam was the one place in the world that I never ever wanted to go back to."

1 to 10 of 348 results.