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From guns to gardening


"I’ve got a garden and the cop that I was going to kill is one of my best friends now. "

My boyfriend's biker gang threatened my baby.


"His father is in the opposing biker gang of the Hells Angels."

My speech impediment led to mocking, thoughts of suicide.


"All I could think about was hurt, pain, and people making fun of me."

Why do I fight?


"I swung as hard as I could and hit the back of his head and split his head open."

Combat in Iraq continues at home


"While we were overseas we didn’t lose a marine. Since we have been back I have had to bury nine of my Marines."

My son and husband's gunfight did not end well.


She said, “there’s a detective on the phone. He wants to talk to you.”

Haunted by nightmares since childhood.


"I started dreaming about a certain set of stars and a voice was calling me to walk outdoors."

Some go to counseling. I jump over cars.


"Dad wasn't there for us emotionally."

1 to 10 of 364 results.