Share Hope

Share stories of hope

God has given us a simple and effective way to reach millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Brands like Geico, Chick-fil-a, Ford, and countless others have reached the masses using media. Now it’s our turn. 

The simple plan is this...We gather thousands of great God stories from churches, ministries and individuals and use segments of these stories to create ads (or trailers) that lead people to hear the rest of the story on, YouTube and Facebook.

These ads are not blatantly Christians but rather contain intriguing content of human interest that lead the viewer to want to hear more. After viewing the full story which is usually between 3-5 minutes, the viewer is given the choice to connect with God, a church or a ministry.

The media campaign is called The Big Share, with two components. The first is organic sharing on social media, which can be very effective. The second is paid advertising, which is even more effective by a multiple of twenty! Combined, we believe it will become the largest media campaign for Christ in history.

This effort is well under way. From a Google Ad Word buy, in a three-week period, over 1700 people came to the ComeOnLetsGo website after searching for the best way to kill myself!

We spent $10,000 on promoting the amazing story of TJ Johnson — a violent gang leader who is now a national leader — and over 250,000 watched his story. So far, well over a million stories have been shared organically and paid, in 50 states and 210 countries and territories. Now we’re ready to reach millions more!

We’re beginning in the Chattanooga area and only need 1000 friends to join both an organic campaign and a monthly giving campaign of $35 or more, to cover the entire market with great God stories! Once we’ve received the help of our first 1000 friends, we will move on to the next city, and then another...until we’ve saturated the top 200 cities in America.

Any large corporate, foundation or individual gifts will greatly accelerate these efforts. The infrastructure has been built and tested. Now it’s time to take The Big Share to the hearts and lives of millions! Come On, Let’s Go!

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