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People from all across the globe have been encouraged and made life-changing decisions for Christ after being impacted by the stories on Come On Let's Go.

  • "Last week I was checked into a hospital because I was having suicidal thoughts. The day I was released, I heard a DJ on the radio talk about ComeOnLetsGo. The DJ mentioned suicide, so I looked up the website. I watched several stories about people who wanted to commit suicide but didn’t go through with it and it changed my whole outlook on life. I want to live now and I want to live for God.”
  • This college student gave his life to Christ. “Hi, I recently saw the video “Sinners prayer.” I was wondering. If I prayed that prayer does it mean that I am now in a right relationship with God? What does it exactly mean that I prayed that prayer … this … what happened? Thank you." We placed this student in a bible-believing church near his college in New England.
  • “I’ve watched the stories of Rachel, Mary Jenna, and Danny. I’m ready to give my life to Jesus Christ”- A.V., age 15
  • “Is there a Chattanooga mentor or discipleship-group for porn addiction? It would be great to get some help.”- J.A.