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Old fashioned preachers and mind control.

"I was on a road before I got saved that would have led me probably to my death."


Well, in this little church that I was going to at that time there was an old-fashioned preacher preaching one night in a revival. He wore these suspenders, and he would get up during the service, and he would walk around and stretch his suspenders. He would go around and talk to people. Brother Walker would preach, and I would listen.

There was a little pine bench altar in that church. I’ll never forget it. It’s probably still there. I got up, and I made my way to the altar in that church, and I bowed down. Jesus saved me that night, and He changed my life. When I prayed, I knew Jesus heard my prayer then. I prayed before you know, I just prayed whatever. I just said words. I didn’t know God. Those guys that I used to sit in the back pew with and cut up with during church, I knew that they didn’t have what I had. I wanted them to be saved. I didn’t have that desire before that happened.

Since I got saved, and I read the Bible, I see Jesus on every page.

Back then, I started listening to music that at that time was not the right kind of music. I remember listening to an album “Steppenwolf”. I still don’t know that much about the guy. I don’t know that much about the band, but it was some bad stuff.

I was on a road before I got saved that would have led me probably to my death. I had bought a book on ESP for whatever reason. I read this book, and that book was wrong. That book was bad. That book was demonic, but I didn’t see that then. I would try to do things like make stuff move and make things happen by that power supposedly. I was going down a road that the devil was leading me into destruction. I don’t know how many people I would have probably taken with me. I arose up from that altar that night in that little ole church, and I looked back at that congregation. That church never looked as bright as it did that night.

He miraculously did a change in my life that night. I was born again.

Joe B. - Old fashioned preachers and mind control.

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