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What you say affects your sexual identity.

That’s the key thing here and when someone says they’re gay or homosexual, that is now saying; “That is my identity.”


I spoke before I left for college to an openly bisexual male at my school. I felt like I could have his confidence. Because he was just very open about his attractions and his sexuality. I said I was gay. I believe that gave a legal right to just more oppression and more things to come into my life. Then the Lord showed me that through generational sin and generational perversion that I was actually open in the womb and that’s where homosexuality came in. Life or death is in the power of my parent's tongue. Proverbs 18:21. They thought I was a boy. It’s not their fault but people perish for lack of knowledge. They didn’t realize that my identity was already being formed in the womb. They actually gave me a boy’s name. They thought I was a boy. The Lord showed me that. So I could understand and so that I could share with other people that are saying my child is two years old and he is a boy but he is dressing in girls clothing and I can’t understand this. I think that’s a huge part of what I get to share. It’s my truth and it’s my story. People can believe me or not, but I know that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. If he can do that in the womb and there is a legal right for him to do that, then he is going to do that. When I talk to other people who believe that they’re homosexual and have believed that, that is their identity, who proclaim that with their mouth, who are in relationships that they believe they’re happy to have just gotten to a place where they just don’t know Jesus. Or they did know Jesus and just decided that; “ I don’t believe in the truth of His word” or “I’m rejecting the truth of His word.” And just go live how they want to live. But when I speak sometimes at youth groups, I have kids walk out. They are either on one side or the other. John 10:10 that’s what I go back to. Kill, steal and destroy or life and life abundant. I think when it comes to sickness and illness and cancer that there’s this thought out there, “Oh God gave it to me for His glory.” But Gods will is healing. By his wounds, we are healed. I believe it really comes down to identity. That’s the key thing here and when someone says they’re gay or homosexual, that is now saying; “That is my identity.” But when our identity is in Christ, that is not who we are, it is something we struggle with. Just like thoughts of lying, stealing, cheating. All those thoughts when we act on those, that’s the sin. For me, I realized as soon as I professed with my tongue that I was gay. That’s when really I started to get more into the lifestyle. Because I proclaimed that this is who I am. That this is my identity. God is a jealous God and He doesn’t want any idols before Him. As you go back, they made these phallics and they worshiped these idols and did many sexual acts you know, before them. God says that He will bless you to a thousand generations or He will curse you. In Deuteronomy, that’s where the blessings and the cursing is. Deuteronomy 28 and 29. You can read there. It has to do with occultism, divination, Freemasonry, witchcraft. A lot of our generations go back to that as well. There is a lot of people involved in occultism, black magic, white magic, voodoo, all those things. A lot of people don’t apply the word of God so, for example, we use Galatians 3:13 That any man that hung on a cross became cursed. But we have to appropriate that. So we use Galatians 3;13. 

We repent for our generational line. For their participation in it and our participation in it. We ask God for forgiveness and we use Galatians 3:13 and we break off all sexual perversion in Jesus name. There’s been so much freedom for me in that and knowing that now because of the things, because of what Jesus has done, the finished work on the cross and my agreement in it. Just like when we are saved we do it by faith but we also speak that as we speak these things and we break these things that we can be truly free from them. I know for my children and for my children’s children, it ends here. So, yeah, the word says that in Ephesians 6:12 that we struggle not with flesh and blood but principalities and things in high places of wickedness. I had to understand that there was something in me that was lusting over the same sex. That needed to be taken out and uprooted. It had to be uprooted out of me. It was something in me that was lusting over the same genders. I found that when the Lord showed me Ephesians 6:12 and also Luke 10:19 it says that we trample on snakes and scorpions. And Mark 6:7 that He commissioned us to go out into all the world. Not only to preach the gospel but to see the sick healed. To heal skin disease, to cast out demons, to see the dead raised to life. All of our bloodlines go back to Baal worship. Somewhere there has been an open door to sexual perversion. That’s what He showed me in my own life. What is great is that He finished it on the cross so that we can be free.

Mary Jenna - What you say affects your sexual identity.

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