Find Hope

I wanted to be happy like them.

"My life was chaotic."


You could see it on their face. In their demeanor, and their body language. They had their life together. My life was chaotic. 

My name is Marc. I went to college. I worked enough to scrape by. I fell in with a group of friends and did what seemed to make them happy. You know, parties, alcohol, hanging out with friends. So, yeah, that became my lifestyle. After doing that for a while I was what you would say happy was. I ran into some problems with the law. I didn't stop partying. I didn't stop any of that I just it just continued if not I think it probably got worse. It’s almost as if I was chasing the happiness thing more and more. It’s almost like a paradox in order for me to get out of jail I had to put on an alcohol bracelet. Where I had reached the third D.U.I. and there is no way out of jail except by putting on that alcohol monitor bracelet. I was desperate. I knew I had messed up. I had messed up multiple times and I was in deep. I had ditched my friends and my social network. I was on the prowl and you know I just remember growing up seeing people come into my dad's restaurant you know after church. It would be families. I said, “you know that seems like happiness right there”. I made that my goal. I said, “I'm going to do with what they do.” People would come in and I would strike up conversations with them. I said, “do you want to do Bible study?” That's how desperate I was. They asked me, and they said, “Where do you want to start?” I said, I don’t know the Book of Mark?” I didn't even know it is the gospel. I knew my name had a book in the Bible. That's when I set out and thought, I’m going to find out who Jesus is. At that point, I did change. I was changed. I stopped using profanity. I stopped doing so many things I was making amends with friends and family that I had hurt. Life was good. Everything that I was searching for, the happiness that was searching for, I finally found it but it wasn't in a person, place, or thing it was in our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Marc - I wanted to be happy like them.

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