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I can't really remember the traumatic event.

"My dad, my mom, me, and my baby sister would all sleep on a mattress in the truck bed."


When I was adopted at the age of sixteen, I received what is known as a Child Profile, which is the written story of your life up to that point. This is when I began to learn what my biological parents had done to me. I learned that sometimes we lived in a truck with a camper cover over the truck bed. My dad, my mom, me, and my baby sister would all sleep on a mattress in the truck bed.

I went to my first foster home when I was seven years old. That was when the first traumatic event occurred. It happened at a park while visiting with my biological parents. I don’t know who, but someone grabbed me and abused me. It’s still very unclear in my memory. I’ve been told it was four guys who were also in the park. That event is probably why I don’t remember my second foster home.

My sister and I have been together for eighteen years, which is very unusual. Siblings are often separated when they enter a foster care program. We were also adopted by the same adoptive family. My adoptive mother was the state Foster Parent Association President. She received a call from *Bethany Christian Services, asking if she would share her story. She began to speak at the local high school in an attempt to help high school students with their lives. After hearing her story, I started warming up to the idea of God, and I finally said, “Okay, I’ll do it.” That is when I was saved.

When I was eleven, I went to a presentation called Judgment House. This took us through a dramatic journey of what heaven would be like, and what hell would be like. I was scared by those in the cast that played the part of demons. They would come from behind and touch me.

Although the Judgment House program scared me, I chose to follow Jesus Christ not because of the fear I had experienced, but because I had a sincere desire to be saved. As my adoptive mother and I sat together on the couch, I asked her, “Will God ever do for me what he did for you?”

So, I guess it's started.

Amanda - I can't really remember the traumatic event.

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