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Married at 17 and 15, we have overcome so much.

"We began to grow in the Lord rapidly and He began to restore our marriage."


Both of us were preacher’s kids. She was fifteen and I was seventeen. She got pregnant. I was very independent at a young age. By seventeen I had been working since I was thirteen. I started bailing hay and picking watermelons then went right into construction. I was making four to five hundred dollars per week. That’s like a fortune when you are seventeen. So, I was very independent and I was planning on marrying her when I turned eighteen anyway.

Lindsey, on the other hand (that’s my wife’s name), she was going to be aborted. She knew about that, the day her mom wakes up and is headed to the abortion clinic, what that looks like. She lay down on the table, was prepped and ready but before the doctor came in she closed her eyes. She had a vision of cows being led to the slaughter. She felt like one of those cows fixing to be slaughtered. She jumped up and ran out. Nine months later my wife was born.

When she got pregnant we both knew that we needed to get married. For me the right thing to do in a situation like that is to get married, besides, we were really in love.

Probably about six years in our marriage started getting really shaky, really rocky. She had left. At this point, we had three kids by then. So, during the process of coming back together, we got into some council. One of the things that he told us was that if we are going to make this thing work then we can’t have any more secrets. At the time I knew that would be hard. Now looking back I know that was the absolute truth. So, we began to confess our sins, me and her, both of us. She confessed her sins to me and I confessed things to her. So it turns out that my wife, (I didn’t know any of this stuff), but she had been sexually abused from a very young age. So, with us being married at fifteen she had hidden all of this stuff and took all of this stuff with her. When she began to tell me this stuff I was just, I was just devastated as you can imagine. So, all of this stuff was coming up. I was just floored and didn’t know what to do about this stuff. As a result, all of this pain and all of this stuff was why it was never working, our marriage. She just had this thing inside of her that all men eventually will let you down. She kind of just assumed that one day I would just leave, cheat on her or something like that. So, there were obviously some things in both of our lives that needed light shined on it. One day I was riding down the road and this is what He did.

I thought I was a pretty good guy. I grew up in church and I was a good ole country boy. Then one day I am riding down the road listening to some worship music compilations with music, the word and really just praying. The Lord just came into that van with me and He showed me his holiness and my little sins, my little mess of a life next to the holiness of God. For the first time in my life, I saw that I was wretched and I was in need of a savior. I felt the mercy of the Lord come into that van and He touched my heart. He touched my life and I knew that I didn’t deserve His love but yet His love was all around me. It was all over me and I knew that I was accepted by Him. It was through that experience that made it so easy for me to minister to my wife. How could I not forgive? How could I not be there for her when I have a Savior in Heaven who is always been there for me even though I have sinned against Him? By understanding how He loves me, it helps me to understand how to love her.

My wife, she’s being healed. She has been through some deliverance and she is getting better and better every day. We really poured our hearts into this gospel and this kingdom. We began to grow in the Lord rapidly and He began to restore our marriage.

Robby - Married at 17 and 15, we have overcome so much.

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