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Felt the bed shaking as I cried out to God.

I knocked on the door and Satan said; “You have to sell your soul to come in here.” The ledge started moving in. So, I sold my soul


In the mid 80’s, when the economy crashed, I had a lot of free time on my hands, and I started using cocaine again. I started smoking crack. It took it about one year to destroy my marriage and destroy me financially. So I went to rehab.

One night when I was in my room, it was December 25th, 1990, I started praying. It’s really the first time that I had ever prayed. It kept coming back up to me, “You sold your soul to the devil.” It was a mental block. By the time I was fourteen or fifteen, I was using harder drugs. At times when I was hallucinating, I feel like that’s the time where Satan can rear his ugly head and make himself known.

While I was having a hallucination, it was like I was in this bottomless pit, and I was on a ledge. There was a door in front of me. You could tell that everybody was laughing and having a good time in there. I was on a small ledge and getting ready to fall in this pit. I knocked on the door, and Satan said, “You have to sell your soul to come in here.” The ledge started moving in. So I sold my soul, it felt like. I don’t know if you can really do that, but it’s always been a mental block. It’s always a barrier when people would witness to me.

On December 25th, 1990, while I was in my room by myself, I started praying. I had the mental block, “You sold your soul to the devil.” But I kept praying, and I started seeing two faces. Jesus and Satan were battling back and forth. The bed was shaking. I said I wanted Jesus to come into my heart and right at that time, I had a 4/40 electrical shock go straight up my left arm into my heart. It was very exciting. I don’t know why Jesus chose to give me physical evidence, but it’s left me with no doubts whatsoever that God is real. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy my life and family. He was successful to a point, but that’s gone. Jesus is my savior now. He has restored the years the locusts have devoured. He has blessed me beyond belief with a beautiful wife and family.

Richard -Felt the bed shaking as I cried out to God.

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