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Consulted a fortune-telling prophetic book.

When I was about thirteen or fourteen I wanted some answers for my life. So, I started tossing the I Ching.


When I was about thirteen or fourteen I wanted some answers for my life, so I started tossing the I Ching, which is a Chinese book of prophecy, kind of like an eight ball kind of a thing. You toss these coins, and it gives you answers. It leads you to paragraphs, and it gives you answers to your questions, so I did that for a while.

That voice that I have heard my whole life, that calling, that feeling of someone being next to me my whole life had a name. That name was Jesus. I never never heard the scripture that said, because I didn’t read scripture, I never heard the scripture that said, “If you’re born again, you’re new. You’re a new creation.” But after that happened, I literally patted myself on my arms because my skin felt new and fresh like a brand new baby. When I put my feet in the sheets that night, I put them in real slow and careful as if my skin was all fresh and new, and I had to be gentle with it. Then I slept the most incredible sleep I have ever slept in my life because I guess the battle was over, and I could rest.

I decided to toss the Ching one more time because this book of prophecy or of fortune telling that I had used since I was fifteen years old, and now I was twenty-seven, had been a voice in my life. I wanted to ask that voice, “What do you think about this?” So I threw the coins. You throw them six times. You draw this little pentagram, and you get to an answer, a paragraph. The title of the paragraph was one I had never ever heard before or read before. It said, “The great sacrifice, whoever understands the great sacrifice holds the whole world in his hands.” I closed the book, and I threw it out. I never looked at it since. Even the voice that was in, or the demons if you will, this book of fortune telling had to admit that Christ was God.

Lisa -Consulted a fortune-telling prophetic book.

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