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No chemo could stop my cancer.

"Chemotherapy is designed to kill. Period. It doesn’t kill just the tumor cells, it kills everything"


Chemotherapy is designed to kill. Period. It doesn’t kill just the tumor cells, it kills everything. I was a physician in a very busy practice. I had graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. We had just purchased the land of our dreams and we were clearing it off to build our home there when the diagnosis came. It was already infiltrating in the bone marrow. I was at stage four disease.  When I went to the University of Virginia, he said, “Look, we can give you chemotherapy but the tumors will march right through it. So, you will get all of the side effects of the chemotherapy but you don’t get any long term advantage from it.” He said, “We have tried stem cell harvesting techniques and they failed. The tumor went through. We have done bone marrow transplants. It’s failed. The head of the lymphoma division at that time said, “I suggest you go home and live with what time you have left.” I knew that there was limit with medicine but with God there is no limit. I wanted to find out; what does God have to say about this?”

We met at the church. We had a group of prayer warriors to meet us there. We prayed and God told us that He was going to take us through. He didn’t give us any details. He said, “I’m going to take you through.” Over the next year the tumors seemed to grow. I had massive swelling of my legs. Tumors growing all over my body. I had blood clots, pulmonary embolism. In spite of us praying and believing God and seeking God for the answers. Somebody at the church during that time praying twelve hours a day. They prayed literally forty days. They took a weekend off and came back for another forty days of prayer. 

Eight hundred people in our small town of five thousand came out and joined hands around the football field in October praying for me specifically as well as against cancer. I was then bedridden with massive tumors on my neck the size of apples. I had tumors the size of cantelopes under my arms, the size of footballs all engorged in my abdomen. I called my oncologist. When he saw me he could not believe the advance of the tumors inside my body. 

He came to my wife and said, “We are going to try some chemotherapy. We are going to give him second line agents and hopefully temporize this until Christmas time. 

Chemotherapy is designed to kill. Period. It doesn’t kill just the tumor cells, it kills everything. 

This chemotherapy is wasn’t as toxic on the body as the usual stuff they give. They were hoping at best that it would temporize, slow down the progression of this cancer. Instead, it melted, literally in front of your eyes. Tumors on my neck started shrinking in front of your eyes and under my arms. In a few days they were completely gone. The physicians taking care of me were ecstatically joyful. They did not anticipate the effect that this medicine would have had on this tumor. My oncologist said, “I’m tired of playing around with church. I want what you had to help my people, to help my patients. 

I want you to understand that this cancer was so aggressive and so resistant to every form of therapy that this was truly a miracle that unfolded. God started a restoration process in my life and restored everything that I lost.

Dr. Tom - No chemo could stop my cancer.

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