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They said my daughter wouldn't walk, but I believed she'd dance.

"We lost her heartbeat three or four times."


I wanted a daughter so badly. Ten years go by and I’ve given up hope. I thought I was sick so I went to my doctor. I am now almost forty years old. He tells me I am pregnant. I said, “ I am not pregnant.” But from the moment I found out I was pregnant, one thing after the next almost instantly they told me she had Spina Bifida. They showed me the hole in her spine and told me they could do some experimental surgeries. They told me that maybe I should reconsider even having her. I was devastated. They told me she would never walk nor talk and she would probably never get up out of the bed. We decided that no matter what she was we would love her. 

We started walking toward the car and I got in the car. I was shaken. I was terribly shaken. I just closed my eyes for a moment and I heard the spirit of the Lord speak to my heart and say, “Your daughter will dance on the streets of Jerusalem.” I was like, “Whoa, was that God?” I’m not really one to hear the voice of God so profoundly. I just started thinking of it and I was still trying to find my way through this dilemma we were in. Mike turned on the car and I reached up to start changing the radio station and ran across a song that that started blaring. It was a country song by LeAnne Wommack and it said I hope you dance. I just looked at Mike and said, “That’s a confirmation. Our daughter will dance.” 

One night flipping through the pages of the Bible I ran across this scripture that said, He will perfect those things which concern you. Instantly I thought, this baby concerns me so God will make her perfect. 

I thought I would go back to the doctor and he would say, “Oh, no everything’s good. Everything is wonderful.” But he didn’t. We kept praying and I kept laying my hands on my stomach and praying, you’re perfect child. You’re so perfect. God’s made you perfect. You concern me. You concern Him.

We went back to the doctor and they told me that her heartbeat was almost gone. I had a choice. I could go ahead and deliver her but she would probably be stillborn or they could do something and remove her altogether. Still Mike and I held onto the promise that He would perfect her. They did another scan and she ran out. She came back and said, “We must have the wrong scan. She came back in and the doctor came in. He said, “I can’t explain it but that hole in her spine is not there anymore. 

I went in on a Monday morning. They induced my labor. We lost her heartbeat three or four times. On Tuesday in the afternoon, we gave birth to our daughter. For a moment when I was laying there, I thought, what if she is not right. What if there is something wrong with her? What if she can’t talk? What if she...doubt just filled my mind. The doctor immediately looked at her and I said, “Oh, please tell me. Tell me is she okay?” He looked (not knowing what God had spoken to me) and he said, “She’s perfect.” 

I held her and I looked at her and thought, Wow, what a miracle you are. 

Now, twenty years later she dances. She’s our worship leader. She’s our children's pastor. Honestly, from the time she was born she was dancing to music. She took thirteen years of dance. Still to this day she can dance beautifully. That was the word of the Lord, “Your daughter will dance on the streets of Jerusalem.

Elizabeth - They said my daughter wouldn't walk, but I believed she'd dance.

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