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My brother's tragedy led to my redemption.

"When my brother passed it was a point of, I really had to cry out to the Lord because the pain was immense."


I have been coming to Scooter for probably about ten to twelve years. If you’re having a bad day, you can come to his salon and talk to Scooter. If it’s not something Scooter can relate to himself, he knows the Bible well enough that he can pull something out. He can give you scripture and he can give you God’s promises.

My brother and I were best friends. We were inseparable. He was the one person that knew me better than anybody. We didn’t really have a good family life, so we clung to each other. We didn’t really fit in very well, shall we say. We grew up pretty much shunned. So, we stuck together, just me and him. The world kind of took its toll on him and he gave in to the drugs. It was a battle for about fifteen years. Every day was a new day and different story of him hurting himself or someone else. Seven years ago he lost that battle. That’s where everything changed. He called my parents and said; “I did it. I did it.” They said; “What have you done now?” He said; “I finally did it. I asked God to save me.” It was probably about two days later that he passed away.

I was at work and some detectives had shown up at my Mother’s house and made her aware that my brother had been found deceased. He had actually passed away the day before. I felt like half of me had left. He was the only person in this world that got me. When my brother passed it was a point of, I really had to cry out to the Lord because the pain was immense. At that point, I knew he was going to be the only way to get through it and to get my peace because I was falling apart. I have a little girl that needed a mom. I had a husband that needed a wife.

So, everything that happened has brought me closer to the Lord. It’s made me look at life from a different perspective. It made me realize that people have a lot more going on than what we see. People are hurting. People are going through things that we don’t know about and you have got to reach out and help those people. A particular verse that he gave me when my brother passed was Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans for you to prosper and not to harm you but to give you peace, hope, and a future. There’s a lot of brokenness in the world and people get so self-absorbed in their day to day lives that they don’t take the time to notice that other people are hurting and struggling.

Scooter’s a light in a dark place. When you’re having a dark day, Scooter is definitely the man that you want to talk to. He is definitely the man to inspire you and to let you know that there is somebody there. On the really bad days, he will even spin your chair around and pray with you.

Tasha - My brother's tragedy led to my redemption.

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