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The spirits I channeled entered and exited.

I understood the power on the demonic side because I had been choked by demons, hit by them, slapped by them.


I started practicing channeling. I was reading on channeling. Channeling is channeling another spirit in your body. It’s kind of weird because I can remember it kind of like slid in. You could feel it kind of like slide into your skin. The next thing I know I could feel my arms lifting up on their own. All of a sudden I would go to sleep and everything else. That’s when I was really starting to get plagued a lot more with those things. The T.V. would flip on by itself. The light switches would go off and stuff like that there. But I could actually remember feeling that when that thing slipped in and took control of my body. It was kind of eerie. All of a sudden you have control of your limbs and the next thing you know, you don’t. Your arms are moving upward and your legs. Then there were a few times after that I can also remember waking up in the middle of the night. I could feel my body shaking. Then there was a lot of times that I knew when my body was shaking that something had transpired while I was asleep. It drained a lot of energy and I could actually go up and look in the mirror and I would look in the mirror and there were times that I wouldn’t even see my face. I could almost not recognize who it was. It would freak me out. As I was laying there taking a nap I can remember looking up at my ceiling and I just said; “Lord, I don’t even know if you’re real.” I understood the power on the demonic side because I had been choked by demons, hit by them, slapped by them. I understood the power that went with on that side. But I just said; “Lord I don’t even know if you are real.” The only time I can remember going to the church, was like if a friend graced the doors and got married. Other than that I didn’t have any, which to me was a bad upbringing but in a lot of ways, it really allowed me that when I finally went to a church I didn’t have a lot of dogma and stuff to get out of my mind. It was just like, these people embraced faith and so I was really open and free to do a lot of things that I didn’t have to fight my mind about. Basically they believed in demons. They said; “You’ve got demons.” I said; “Alright, let’s get them out.” Sometimes I actually felt like something had lifted up from me. I could actually feel it pull out of my body. Sometimes I would feel like something that was in there would rip out of my body or shoot out to the side. You could just feel it going out there. It took, from the start of this process to the finish was maybe about a good three to four years. But now, I have been clean since 1991. I have had nothing to drink. It’s been twenty three years plus. I mean, God has really set me on fire and I have a passion to see others set free. Not only from the occult but from alcohol and just to see their lives changed by what the power of God can do.

Robert R - The spirits I channeled entered and exited.

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