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Terminally ill, I suddenly felt a warm sensation over my heart.

"I had just felt the hand of God touch my heart!"


So, I went to see the cardiologist and he told me that I had stage four heart failure. He said; “There’s nothing we can do but I want to do a left and right cardiac catheterization. That's where they run the wire up through the femoral artery into the heart.” He said; “This is basically going to tell you how much longer you’ve got.” I had already written a letter telling my husband goodbye and that was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. And I thought; "Okay, in three days I’m pretty much going to know how much longer I have to live." The thought that went through my mind was that I want someone to pray for me and I want it to be somebody that I know and I love.

I was in the Miss Arkansas pageant, played classical piano for my talent, but my joy was playing for the church. I was maybe fifteen. I was very, very young. My pastor was Pastor Jerry Price and his wife was Sister Anne. They had a lovely little daughter, Missy, who I used to babysit. They knew about my heart failure so I called Sister Anne and said; “Could you put the phone on speaker and put the pastor on?” They started praying and as they were praying I had my phone up to my ear. All of a sudden, I had this warm sensation go through my heart and it startled me because I had felt many, many things in my heart. I’ve felt pain, I’ve felt pressure, I’ve felt pounding out of my chest, but I’ve never felt a warm sensation go through my heart. It was very pleasant, very startling, but very pleasant. It actually distracted me from praying because I’m thinking; “Wow! What’s going on?” but then I went back to listening to him pray and I didn’t think that much about it. So, they ended the prayer, they told me how much they loved me, and they said; “Call me Monday and let me know what the doctor has to say.” So, I decided to go upstairs to my bedroom and do some things. For the first time in about two years, I was able to walk upstairs without stopping midway and having to either sit down or hold on and catch my breath. I thought; “This is pretty cool! I’m going to make the bed” Normally, if I would so much as lift a bag of groceries I would break out in sweats and my heart would start pounding. I made the bed and then all of a sudden it hit me that God had just healed my heart. I had just felt the hand of God touch my heart! I started praising God, worshipping Him, crying and thanking Him.

So, I stopped taking all of my heart medications. I was on about four different heart medications. That weekend was awesome. I went to church. I felt great. I’m doing everything. I felt like the Kelly that I had been years and years ago. So, Monday I went into the catheterization and there was no fear. My doctor was Hindu and he came over and looked down at me. He was scowling at me and staring at me like I had grown a second head. He was pacing around the room. Then he was staring at me again. He came back and he said; “Dr. Arnold, the reason I’m late is I just went back through your medical records and you have had four echocardiograms, nine doctors confirm that you’ve had three heart attacks, that you were in stage four heart failure, you had liver failure, you were in stage two kidney failure and you had pancreatitis." He said; “We got in there and there was nothing wrong with your heart!” He said; “We have no medical explanation for what happened.” He said; “It’s like somebody put a new heart in your chest.” He said; “I don’t know what happened. There’s no medical explanation for this." I said; “Well, doctor, I do have an explanation. Friday my God healed my heart.” Again, he looked at me like I had two heads and he paced around the room and finally he came over and he looked down at me and he said; “You know, I guess I’m going to have to accept it because we have no medical explanation for what happened.” I left the hospital rejoicing, went home and I felt fine. The liver failure was gone. The kidney failure was gone. Everything was healed. So, I’m living a new life.

Kelly - Terminally ill, I suddenly felt a warm sensation over my heart.

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