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Homosexuality and my Dad the preacher.

Amy Z

I was mad at my dad for destroying my family. He had taught me homosexual behavior was a sin. He had instilled in me that homosexuality was wrong, and suddenly he was trying to get me to justify it.

What would my free love, hippie parents think?


He kept using Bible verses, and I would say, “I don’t believe the Bible. Why do you keep quoting the bible? Why can’t you quote another book?”

Dreamed of suicide starting at 14.


And God clearly said; “You are going to die this year.” I remember it scared me.

Being the intellectual disguised my hurt.


My name is Dr. Nikki Velasco. I am an Assistant Professor of Research Methods and Statistics. I was raised by a single mom, not from the United States, who has been married many times and has some sad patterns when it comes t...

My atheist jail mate started reading the Bible.


"I thought he was crazy at first. I really thought he was crazy."

Determined to debunk my wife's belief in Jesus.

Lee Strobel

"I thought this was the end of our marriage. But in the ensuing months, I saw positive changes in her values and character in the way she related to me and the children."

This atheist demanded logical answers.


At one point I became very suicidal. I just saw nothing in my life. I had all this good stuff and it didn’t do a thing for me.

Evidence exists, but a relationship is more important.


Really, the proof is what happens inside of you. Having that relationship is the proof

Partying was my religion.

Mary S

From fifteen on I lived the life of being in drugs and alcohol, and sleeping around with guys, trying to find self worth, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Found in a bathroom at two days old.

Jean Marie

"Did I believe really that the stories in the bible were true? Not really sure."