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Prayed to Satan, God, Buddha—whoever.

I just said; ” Look (in my mind) God, Buddah? I don’t know who you are. I just want to know the truth. Everybody can’t be right.........But I think if you’re God, you ought to be able to answer me right now.”


The more in the occult I got, the more I just started to hear voices saying, “Just go ahead and end it all.” I just said,” Look (in my mind) God, Buddha? I don’t know who you are. I just want to know the truth. Everybody can’t be right. I just want to know the truth. I’ll give you my life. I will give you my life, but I think if you’re God, you ought to be able to answer me right now.” As I was saying that in my head, I remember I had a broom in my hand. The door to the store was just a few feet away. I had closed my eyes and heard the little bell ding when the door opens, but when I opened my eyes, I noticed there was a track on the floor. We call them a gospel tract. This is the track actually. This is the original track and it says, “Occult, oppression, and bondage. How to be set free.” You know, God even tailor makes your tracks for you. That was exactly what I was needing. I was calling out. I asked, “God, whoever you are, I just want to know the truth.” Immediately somebody threw in this little tract. I read it, and it said that all of these things that I was into were against God. Jesus was the truth. Jesus was the way. Jesus is the answer. I gave Him my life.

I just remember how incredible it was, that burden of depression that was on me. It was like a cloak of depression that was just strangling me. It lifted. Not only did it lift, but it just went away. I felt joy and peace flood my heart, and I said, “This is real. This is so incredibly real. This is the truth that I have been looking for.”

I went to this meeting that this fellow invited me to. It was being held at the Shraft Hotel in a little room. Probably seventy people there. I noticed when I came in that I was the only weird guy there. I just wanted to tell my story. I didn’t know what testifying was. I didn’t know any of that. I just said look. I’ve got to say something. I said, “Wednesday (this was Friday), Wednesday I was in this little shop down the road here, and I was calling out to Buddha or God or whoever. I just asked Him to show me the truth, to give me something, to let me know who the truth is. So I said, ‘God, if you’re real, answer me right now.’ And the door opened and somebody threw in…” and I showed them the tract that I had found. A little lady, grey-haired, probably my age now, she kind of hooped and hollered in the back of the room, and she said, “That was me! That was me!” Her story was that she was very shy and didn’t like to hand tracts to people personally, but there was an occult bookstore that was right next to our store. She thought that it was another entrance to that occult bookstore. It sold drug paraphernalia and everything else there. She just thought it was another entrance and threw it in there. You know, it was the right door. Thank you, Jesus. It was the right door for me.

Jim G - Prayed to Satan, God, Buddha—whoever.

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