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God will visit us and speak to us even today.

So I told my doctor I was leaving. Now this was a cancer research facility where people don’t leave alive. They can’t keep you there, so my wife’s brother drove my wife and I back to Chattanooga. I felt better just because I ...


Once again I had another experience with Jesus. I was in a terminal cancer hospital in Dallas, TX. It was about October, 1985. The essence of the experience is this. [Jesus] said, “Your body will begin making proper bold cells on December 1.” From October until December, my blood was still messed up. That didn’t bother me one bit. That might be an exaggeration, but because I had a lot of these experiences, there was no question about whether what Jesus had just told me was true or not. So I told my doctor I was leaving. Now this was a cancer research facility where people don’t leave alive. They can’t keep you there, so my wife’s brother drove my wife and I back to Chattanooga. I felt better just because I was going home.

I arrived in Chattanooga, and of course, my blood counts had not changed. Blood cells live and average of one hundred twenty days. At the end of March, my blood should have been normal if Jesus was telling the truth.

My blood was normal on April first.

To recount, my wife was watching television. I had been studying the Bible. All of a sudden I hear, “Your body will begin making proper blood cells on December 1.” That wasn’t my wife speaking. It wasn’t the TV. I didn’t know He was going to speak at that time, but I knew He did speak [to people]. He can speak in dreams. He can speak any way He wants to. For example, you may be watching television and suddenly something is said, and you know God is using that to speak to you. You just know it applies to you. I would say that is a gift. Maybe other people would say I’m just nuts, but it doesn’t really concern me what other people say. I listen to God. I know that sometimes He’s talking to me. It happens in many different ways, times and circumstances.

I am thankful that God has healed me. I’m embarrassed that I have not been a better servant. You know, this is a fallen world. To have God enter into this world and visit anybody requires a pretty stringent process. I’m not sure that’s the right way to say it, but I think it begins with thanksgiving.

I think that if a person doesn’t believe in God then why is He going to go through this process? God spoke directly to Adam and Eve. Then there was a separation because of sin. God does not like sin. He doesn’t tolerate it, so He’s not going to be present where sin is present. This is a sinful world. Therefore how are you going to invite God into this sinful world to deal with you? How do you do it? I think you begin with thanksgiving and just say, “I wouldn’t be alive were it not for you. So I thank you.” If you mean it form your heart that’s different than just saying it. So I think you begin with thanksgiving. Just thank Him for His creation, for allowing you to be a part of it. Thank Him for forgiving our sins. Thank Him for guiding us with His Spirit. Thank Him for his Word. Thank Him for the Bible, the church, whatever it is you have to say “Thank You” for. Say it, and mean it. So that’s where it begins.

I think the second thing is praise. You enter His gates with thanksgiving. You enter His courts with praise. (Psalm 100:4) Praise Him for the things he has done for you and for others. You could start with the children of Israel. He delivered them from Egypt. You know, the Passover experience, the wilderness experience, the crossing of the Red Sea. There is a lot of stuff in the Bible. You can just say, “I don’t know how to do that. You do, and you did. So I praise you. Thank you for doing it.” You’re creating an atmosphere wherever you are. That atmosphere is different than the sinful atmosphere that’s generally present.

So you create this atmosphere with your own words because God created with words. You have the right and the authority to create with your words. He’s delegated to us dominion over this world. So we can take that dominion that Jesus has given back to us. So if we have the dominion then we can create the atmosphere because that’s how He created. We use His words and say, “I’m doing this, creating a place for you where you are welcome, you are revered, you are loved, and you're wanted, and I’m doing it to serve you better. You may find it is better for me to go home into your presence right now. It’s ok because you’ve given me life. You keep me here. You’re the only way I serve. I can’t do anything without you, and so, please come.”

That’s when I pray for other people. I prayed for a lot of people last night. God was there. I don’t know what He did, but I know it wasn't me. I just invited him. I created an atmosphere where miracles can occur. I don’t mean to say, “I did it.” I just think that’s my understanding, that it’s what I’m supposed to do to provide a circumstance where He’s welcome. He’s not welcome everywhere. He was welcome where I was.

When you understand the massive totality of Him and His creation, then you understand that changing a few cells in the human body is not a big deal. So therefore, you approach God with this, “I present these people, and I ask that you heal them.” But by the same token I know that I’m an ignorant human being. “Thy will be done.” That’s what His Son said. “Not my will, but thy will be done.” That’s what I say. “I confess to being a human being that doesn’t know the left from right most of the time. So I’m not asking you to do my will. I just know that you love us, that you are here to help us. First of all, I’ve ask you to come.” I believe He came. I presented my case, the people present. I hope they’re healed today. It wouldn’t surprise me in any way if every one of them were healed. But maybe not. Maybe they don’t want to be healed. I’ve found out not everyone wants to continue in this life. So I know He’s going to do what’s best. Now what is best I don’t know. That’s why I don’t try to take His job away from Him. I’ve done my part. That’s all I can do.

Reid - God will visit us and speak to us even today.

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