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My hateful Mom, into voodoo and witchcraft, turned to God.

She set the snake on fire and legs grew out of the snake.


My grandmother was raised as an orphan. She was abused all of her life. She was raped, abused, and a lot of things happened in my grandmother’s life that affected my mom’s life because they are generational. Things just continued to pass down from one generation to another generation like voodoo and witchcraft. God started introducing me to people who do deliverance and walked in deliverance and talk about soul ties, altars, and how to deal with these multiple personalities and stuff. A lot of things I was dealing with were generational curses. I didn’t understand why these things still haunt me, like the spirit of perversion. Adulterous thoughts were plaguing my mind because they were passed down from one generation to another generation. My grandmother was unfaithful to her husband. She cheated with three of his brothers. My mom had sex with three of my dad’s brothers. Incest, there were a whole lot of things that plague your family. You don’t understand how these things…you wrestle with these things. Until someone enlightened me on how to break generational curses off of my life and my family.

I don’t know if people will believe this or not but my daddy used to work all of the time in the fields sharecropping. He worked fourteen hours a day, and my mom had no time with my father. She wanted it to rain, so she killed a black snake. She set the snake on fire and legs grew out of the snake. I was probably eight or nine years old when I saw that happen. She spoke, and the clouds got so black. It rained like Noah’s ark. I have never seen so much rain in my life. Tornados came from nowhere. It was a sunny hot day, a hundred degrees. All the temperature and everything changed because of the act she did. She used to put spells on people, and they died. She learned it from my great-grandfather. He was Cheyenne Indian. They used to practice deep witchcraft. If they had an issue with people, they just put a curse on them.

When I was about eight years old, my mom got so angry with me that she chased me with a .22 pistol. I ran, and I dove in some bushes. I watched as she unloaded six rounds toward my head. She said that she hated me because I ruined her life. She told me, once she got saved, she said, “Son, I did this to you to get you not to walk in my steps. I knew if I pushed you away from me that you would not follow my steps.” She said, “I was trying to motivate you.” (In her own way)

My grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer, so before he passed he set me down and said, “Son, you have a lot of animosity against your mother, but I want you to know her story. Your mom was born five months premature. My wife went to use the bathroom on a large urine bucket. She allowed your mother to fall into that bucket. She never pulled her out. She left her there to die. I pulled her out and cut the umbilical cord. I used a straw to nurse your mom to good health. If she wouldn’t have made it, you wouldn’t be history today, so let go and forget about the storms and things you have been through.”

My wife and mom got diagnosed with acute leukemia, so we went down to Columbia, Georgia, for her viewing. My mom came to the funeral. When I passed by the casket and looked into the casket and saw my wife’s mother dead in that casket, I saw my mom's face on her. I ran to my mother in the receiving line, and I picked my mom up. I said, “Mom, I forgive you.” That was a release. That was a burden off of my shoulders.

Three months later I ended up getting saved. I actually ended up ministering to my mom to get her to come to the Lord, so that was a great opportunity to share the good news with my mom that she was open to receive from me as her son. So that brought a great healing in our relationship.

She passed away in 2012 of congestive heart failure. She was a powerful devout woman of God when she passed away. We had a strong relationship. God gave us an exceptional relationship through both of us finding the Lord in our life, and we both were on fire for the Lord.

She was a seer, and she could see things in the future that were going to happen. She gave me great prophecies before she died that were going to happen for my life. She said, “Son, there is so much of the word of God in you. Quit trying to be all fancy and writing all these notes and trying to articulate to make people receive you. Just preach God’s word. Son, just preach. It’s in you! Just preach the word of God, and God is going to bring deliverance.”

Eddie - My hateful Mom, into voodoo and witchcraft, turned to God.

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