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Supernaturally delivered of the demons from my witchcraft days.

"When I felt God come into my heart, I knew the difference between magic that I had been playing around with for years and real power."


I began to get involved with witchcraft. I got involved with a group of friends and some of them were Pagan. I started going to the Renaissance fair and working that, which is a big period correct fair out in California. When all the patrons left, they would come out and cast circle. There would be a lot of sexual dealings and it was just very cultish. I mean, it was a cult. I really got into it. I liked it. I read books and I began to try to cast spells. If I could go to my alter and pour my salt and say my incantations and do this and do that, then somehow I had some control over my life.

My Mom had been telling all of her friends at church about me. They had been praying for me for weeks that I would come to know the Lord. It was about impossible but they kept praying in faith and then there I was, showing up in the church. I went home and I talked to my Mom and said; “I think I made my peace with God.” I told her the story. She said; “Well, what about Jesus?” I said; “Don’t even say the name, Jesus! I hate that name.” And she said; “Well, let me tell you what Jesus did for you.” She read to me John 3:16 and she put my name in there. I was like a child. My jaw dropped. I was like; “He did it for ME?” You know, from that moment on, I was hooked on Jesus.

When I felt God come into my heart, I knew the difference between magic that I had been playing around with for years and real power. Real power! I realized; “Wow, God is King of Kings.” Like all those demons we used to play around with, that’s nothing. It can’t even hold a candle to the power of Jesus Christ.

The thing was, when I gave my heart to Jesus, I still saw things. I would see pinwheels in the sky. I would see strange colors and that type of thing. I would have just extreme fear come over me that I was surrounded by evil. One time I was home and my Mom’s dog Penny just started flipping out, looking everywhere, whining and running around in circles scared. I said; “They’re here. The demons are here.’ So, I tried to call my Mom at work so she could pray. Every time I picked up the phone, the line would go dead. It happened over and over and over again. I had already been told by then that if something weird spiritual happens to speak out the name Jesus. Just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and it would dispel the evil around me and it worked. After things calmed down, I called her and I told her what happened. She said it was pretty obvious that even though I was saved that I still had some stuff attached to me. I had been through a lot of stuff and I had practiced a lot of dark things. So, we went ahead and called a man at our church. We called him Stan the prayer man. He was this guy that got all loud and crazy and put his hands on you in the name of Jesus. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world that there were really people out there like that. I thought that was just in the movies. He had long brown hair and had a handlebar mustache. He was an old biker, an old drug addict who had given his heart to Jesus. He started to anoint the doors and the windows. Then he anointed me and he started speaking over me and he said; “Do you feel the Holy Spirit?” He was all like; “Do you feel the Holy Spirit!?” I was like; “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t feel anything.” So he leaned in and he put his forehead on mine and he started whispering. When a loud man of God gets quiet something changes. He just started saying; “Please Lord, help her to see. Help her to see.” In my heart, I felt like a voice said; “Let down the walls.” So mentally I let down the walls and I began to see Angels all around us in my minds eye. They weren’t just around us, they were right around me and Stan and then there was a bigger circle and a bigger circle and a bigger circle. It spread out so far into the street and into the intersection outside of our house. It was ten thousand. I don’t know how many it was. It was a lot. All at once they just kind of squeezed. My body fell against Stan’s and something left me. I can’t explain it but from that moment on I felt the Holy Spirit. Like…I got it.

Jamie - Supernaturally delivered of the demons from my witchcraft days.

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