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It took being alone to realize I wasn't.

"I was quickly reminded of Christ and that is what life is about."


Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a student in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I grew up in a family that would call themselves Christians. The way that they lived their life it was not evident. We never went to church and we never had a single conversation about God. Growing up I didn’t know a whole lot about it until I was in High School. I went to church with a few people for a while. I heard the gospel that God sent His Son Christ to die for me, for my sins so that I could have eternal life with Him. 

It didn’t mean a lot to me then. I understood it in my head. I didn’t apply it to my life. All I cared about were people and pleasing them, success in school and going to college. By the time college rolled around, that’s all that I cared about going into it; meeting the right people, hanging out with them and having fun. It evolved to drinking, partying. I had very unhealthy relationships with friends, with girls and unhealthy relationships with guys. 

A couple of years ago I found myself in a very rocky place where I felt completely alone. I felt like I had nothing in my life and even the relationships with those people didn’t fix it. 

I was quickly reminded of Christ and the fact that that’s what life is about. He came to die for me and I should live my life according to that, in His will and for Him. 

Ever since then I have been walking with Him. It’s hard and I don’t always do a good job. I still struggle with pleasing people and wanting relationships over everything.

I know that He loves me and that’s awesome.

Ashley - It took being alone to realize I wasn't.

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