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Addicted to drugs in Russia.

. I was fifteen years old when I first tried a drug called heroin. From that point my life went downhill.


I was born in the City of Kiev, Ukraine. I am now thirty-five years old. The history of my life is as follows. I was fifteen years old when I first tried a drug called heroin. From that point my life went downhill. I saw no way out until I reached the age of twenty-two. When I turned twenty-two I found myself in a drug rehabilitation center. Completing the program, I realized I needed to devote my life completely to Jesus Christ. I made a commitment that I would serve in a drug rehabilitation center. I have now been there for twelve years, and have seen many miracles.

When I turned my thoughts to Jesus Christ I can’t even say I prayed. I simply said, ‘Is it really so that you can change everybody’s life but mine? Why can you change the lives of others but can’t touch my life?” I was told that I could pray, so I was earnestly saying to God, “Oh Lord, if you’re real, touch and change my life.” I had no idea how to pray, and I had no idea what the result would be. Somehow I sensed that God had poured something inside of me, and I felt that I received the answer; that I received forgiveness for all that I had done in my life. God forgave me and touched me. I then realized that I would never be a drug addict again, or be the same person anymore.

At some point I allowed doubts to creep into my life. I began to pray, “Oh Lord please help me. I want to be better, and grow closer to you. In my heart I heard the words of a song. He said, “You don’t belong here yet. You are a stranger over there.” At that point in my life I had not yet given myself completely over to Jesus Christ. However, because of my previous encounter with Christ I would never again perceive the world the same. At that point I made the major commitment of my life to Christ. I said, “I fully and completely surrender my life into your hands, oh Lord, for you are holy and you are the one who can change everything. I cannot live my life like that [as a drug addict] anymore.” I admitted, one more time, I was absolutely powerless and on the bottom in my drug addiction. At that low point I realized I needed Christ.

It’s been more than twelve years since I gave up drugs, and have been working with drug addicts. This miracle is the story of my life. I have seen so many times, people turn sincerely to the Lord and receive this forgiveness.

Maxim - Addicted to drugs in Russia.

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