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From guns to gardening

"I’ve got a garden and the cop that I was going to kill is one of my best friends now. "


I sold methamphetamine for the cartel. I held contract hits behind the walls while I was incarcerated in prison. I was the highest-ranking enforcer in the state of Georgia for the notorious street gang called the Ghost Face Gangsters. 

I was involved in a lot of stuff that I’m not proud of. My mom was fifteen years old when she had me. My dad, when he found out that she was pregnant with me, he left us. 

I was sitting on a school bus and I remember this little girl and a little boy sitting in front of me. He kept hitting her. He was picking on her. The high school kids told me, “the next time this happens why don’t you jump on him?” I said, “okay.” I came across the seat and I started hitting him. I started beating on him and everyone started clapping. I felt good. I felt something. I wanted a family. I wanted to be a part of something greater. 

I got arrested and I had full intentions of either killing the police officer or they were going to kill me. I was not going back to prison. I got blue-lighted. I looked over at the female that I was with and said, “hand me that pistol.” She dropped the pistol in her pocketbook. I said, “Okay, I’m going to jail. 

We had a meeting and a man named John Miles came in there. He was the jail chaplain. They were sitting there and they were talking about giving God control of your life. I had come to a conclusion listening to these men that my life was out of control but I didn’t know how to get it back in control. So, I was sitting there listening and they started talking about Jesus. They started talking about Jesus Christ and that He’s God. He is the son of God and He can forgive you. You can move past it. That night in a bathroom cell, I hit my knees. I surrendered. I said, “God please save me,” He saved my life. That’s when I fell in love with Jesus Christ. 

I was talking to Cowboy and he reached into his pocket and said, “Are you ready to get high?” He pulled out a bag of methamphetamine. I said, “I don’t do that no more. I’m a Christian now.” He looked at me kind of funny. He said, “Man, would you pray with me?” I said, “Yeah, I will pray with you.” So, I prayed with the man and he reached in his pocket and he flushed that dope. That was a big moment for him as well as for me. I saw God moving. I saw what God could do through someone like me. I was very thankful that I was a part of that. 

I used to carry a 9mm in my back pocket. Now I have a billfold. I have a checking account. I’ve got a garden and the cop that I was going to kill is one of my best friends now. 

Now I can look in the mirror and like the man I see. 

Jeremy - From guns to gardening

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