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Cops were everywhere.

They pulled us out of the car. Made us get out of the car. They searched us and put us in handcuffs.


I look up, and there’s like cops all around my car, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, what’s going on? I mean what happened?” They pulled us out of the car, made us get out of the car. They searched us and put us in handcuffs, then put us in the car. They checked all of our I.D.’s and everything then started searching the car. Well, in the car they found things to make drugs with, and so, that’s what our charges were, you know, were trying to make these drugs. Well, I actually, I mean I knew that the people I hung out with did these things, but I actually at that time, did not know about the things that were in his car. When we got to jail, they wouldn’t really tell us anything. They wouldn’t tell us exactly what our charges were. I just knew that it was going to be bad because of what they found. A couple of women from The Crossing came and did like an all day get together, I guess you would call it. There was this one session where they ask you if you want to give your life to God and if you do want to get saved, you can come up to the front. You can kneel down at the cross, and you can just pray. I just felt like my heart was beating really fast. It felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. This thought just came into my head, “Go down there and pray.” You know, it was like, I didn’t really realize it then, but when I think back, I think, you know, it was God telling me, “I need you to come and get saved so that I can help you.” So I went down there, and I did ask Him. I felt so much better. I cried and felt like every sin I had done, I just cried out. You know, I just cried it all out of my body. They would tell me, “You’re beautiful, and God thinks that you're beautiful, and you don’t need to think bad things about yourself. Just because you’ve done one bad thing doesn’t mean that you’re, you know, you’re condemned forever. You can come back from this.”

I used to have an attitude and want to fight all the time, all the time. I just hated everybody. I actually love people now. I love life, and I just want to do whatever I can until I die.

Ciana - Cops were everywhere.

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