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I saw Jesus and angels while 17 doctors operated.

"During the surgery, I could see down. I could see what they were doing like I was in a three or four-dimensional world."


When my car hydroplaned it spun out of control the length of a football field. Four hours and twenty-one minutes that it took for rescue, fire, ambulance and the people with the machines to cut the car apart.

There was a lady, an old lady that held my hand the whole time. She gave me words of love and encouragement. She really kept me fighting for my life. Later on, I found out that there was really no lady because there was no possible way that someone else could fit in that car. They said there was no one there. So I believe it was an angel.

They had eighteen doctors work on me for seventeen and a half hours. They gave me zero chance to one percent chance of life to live. They said that even if I lived I would be a quadriplegic. They said I would be blind, I would never walk again and I would never have children.

During the surgery, I could see down. I could see what they were doing like I was in a three or four-dimensional world. I was up in a bright, bright white world and I saw Jesus. He wouldn’t talk to me but I knew what He was thinking. It was like He was talking to me but I didn’t hear a voice. I watched the surgery and I watched my Mother cry. I watched my Father fall to his knees and say; “Take me instead. Let her live and take me.” Jesus just walked by me and He brushed my shoulder. He just walked by me and touched me. When He touched me He just breathed life into me. At that very moment, I could see Him and I could see down below and I could see me come out of the bed. I ripped the life support out of me. My Dad, when he got there, he came through some double doors, some steel metal doors. The lady came out and said; ‘You can’t be back here.” He said; “Where’s my daughter?” She said; “Are you, Mr. Harvey?” He said; “Yes.” She said; “Sign this paper so we can do surgery on your daughter.” He signed the paper and the doctors were coming out and he saw a lot of blood on them. He said; “Get back in there and plug her back up!” They ran back in because they had actually just unplugged me and done everything that they could do because it took him so long to get there from where he was that they legally could do nothing else. He collapsed and said; “She is just eighteen God. Take me instead.”

I started to write on a notepad everything that I saw while I was up there to my friends, to the nurses, to the doctors, and to my parents. I told him, I said; “Thank you for telling them to plug me back up.” People starting believing me and they started saying; “How does she know this?” Then people started believing. They started knowing that Jesus is real because I saw Him.

I have a child. They said I would never have a child and I have one. Everything they said I couldn’t do, God fixed. He has allowed me to have everything.

I go sit in an empty church when I’m all by myself and just soak Him in. I’m like, here I am. I just want to spend time with you alone. I do it at home. I say; “Jesus I’m here. I’m all yours.” I love Him so much. I’m in love with Jesus.

Beth - I saw Jesus and angels while 17 doctors operated.

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