Find Hope

I shut down my yoga commune.

Mike S

They had read an article in the Tampa Tribune newspaper about my Yoga classes at four universities. They knew I was a seeker of truth, hungry for reality.

It seemed like the guy on TV was talking directly to me .

Mark M

I remember getting up out of the chair and walking around the living room just saying; “Wow! Something just happened.”

Consulted a fortune-telling prophetic book.


When I was about thirteen or fourteen I wanted some answers for my life. So, I started tossing the I Ching.

Terminally ill, I suddenly felt a warm sensation over my heart.


"I had just felt the hand of God touch my heart!"

Old fashioned preachers and mind control.

Joe B.

"I was on a road before I got saved that would have led me probably to my death."

I'll open this dictionary and ask God to give me a word.

Joe R.

When I was twelve years old I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me in the church. I heard these words. ‘Joe, I have called you to preach.’

God told us we would have a son.


We felt a confirmation in our heart that this was going to be a son and that we should name him Judah, which means Praise.

What would my free love, hippie parents think?


He kept using Bible verses, and I would say, “I don’t believe the Bible. Why do you keep quoting the bible? Why can’t you quote another book?”

Angels protected as the drug lord tried to kill me.


I would take guys into restaurants and everybody knew to take off their hats. One of the guys, who I still talk to, asked me, “Why do you pray? You know what we do here, right? We sell drugs. Why do you pray? Our business is ...

They were stoned, but I was hearing a voice. God's voice.

Jones Beene

So I started playing the guitar, which came out of nowhere. I didn’t even know how to play the guitar at the time. I would spend every Friday and Saturday in my room at night just learning how to play and learning to sing wor...