Find Hope

Five divorces by age thirty.


By the time I was thirty I had experienced five failed marriages. I felt like I could do nothing right;

Owned a head shop. Loved booze.


I thank God that he let me live those sixty-six years, as a sinner. I learned from those years of bad experiences, and now I can share with others what I’ve learned. I hope what I have to share will influence at least one p...

Some go to counseling. I jump over cars.


"Dad wasn't there for us emotionally."

Stayed gone until grace brought her home.


"It’s those little things right there that show me that true restoration has taken place."

Dad lost his life in depression, but I found the source of living.


"I feel like I have been plugged into this eternal power source"....

Survived grenade and bullet wounds, but not the nightmares.


I had twenty-seven operations and four plastic surgery operations. When I got out of the hospital nine months later I looked okay on the outside; but inside I was still wounded.

Nine years divorced, both remarried, but then we talked about getting back together.


On the way to jail, God asked; "Are you willing to serve me?"

Lead Guitarist for Pop Evil

Anthony Greve

"I made a decision that night that I was leaving the band."

Insecure muscle man.


"The best-built guy in the gym could easily be the most insecure person there." 

Got a DUI. Then ran into a building.


"I go to the door and it’s Detective Brandon with a M16 the size of my whole arm."