Find Hope

Organized a week long drunk with my friends.

Jeff A

We decide to go out with our friends that night, but end up at the same party. She’s talking with another guy that I couldn’t stand.

NFL role model living a double life.


I was out in the bars getting drunk on Friday and Saturday. I was hoping the people in church didn’t see me in the bars. I was hoping the people in the bars didn’t see me in church

My kids said sober up or we'll never talk again.


So, I had a glass of wine and I got a buzz. I thought; “This is pretty good.” I was immediately addicted.

He was 60. I was 14.


"I started to understand that was the void I was trying to fill is that I didn’t have Him in my life."

I had sold my body, but God called me a virgin.


"I was dancing on a stage in Miami…. that’s when the Lord showed up."

It started with painkillers for my back but it didn't end there.


"I was taking ecstasy, cocaine, pain killers or whatever it took just to feel numb."

Chased a girl into a strange spiritual situation.


When I got up after he prayed for me it was like I had gotten a shower on the inside and I was now clean.

Binge drinking man's man.


The next morning I woke up my wife, and said, “We’re going to church.” She laughed and said, “Is there a wedding? Did somebody die?”, because we hadn’t been to church in years.

Followed my comedian dad toward death by drugs.


The times I would overdose, and go to the emergency room the doctors would say, “Do you have a death wish?”

Got past my alcoholic preacher Dad with God the Father's help.

Russ Taff

"When I stood up after fifteen or twenty minutes something was different about me."